Book Review: Jungle Laboratory by Dr. Deepak Acharya

Do tribal Indians seem helpless and vulnerable to you?

Once, take a look at your hospital bills, then shift your gaze to your health, and think again.

And if you still have doubts, let me share a story from my life. In 2021, my entire family was battling COVID. I was exhausted and desperate, so I called Dr. Deepak Acharya. Dr Acharya is a famous Ethnobotanist and Herbal Scientist working among indigenous Indian tribesmen for 20 years. I was in a panic and told him, “My husband’s fever isn’t going down, all the medicines have failed. What should we do? We can’t take him to the hospital.” Dr Deepak said, “Take a sachet of coffee, mix it in warm water, and have him drink it in the morning and evening for two days. It’s a natural steroid; he’ll feel better.” Believe it or not, there was no need to continue for two days; relief came within just one day! Mukhtar’s blood sugar levels didn’t spike either, unlike the rest of us.

To be honest, the knowledge Dr. Deepak has acquired from the depths of the jungles, from various indigenous and tribal communities across the country, has given his followers tremendous confidence, often surpassing the reliance on medicines.

Even after reading, asking, and discussing many remedies with him several times, there’s something different about these remedies. We trust them more than any medication. This is because I recently read about research that makes it clear that people don’t die from treatment but from the side effects of medications, especially in critical conditions.

Hence, these life-saving remedies, some stories, and memories have reached all of you through Dr Deepak’s book, “Jungle Laboratory: Swasth Jeewan Ke Liye Paramparagat Herbal Gyan ki Potli.”

It might seem like a book about medicines, but it’s much more. It’s a treasure trove of the jungle, waiting for you to explore.

Dr Deepak always says, “If you want to gain knowledge of the country, wander.” So, without wandering, I wandered a bit – into the forests of Karnataka, some in Maharashtra, and gathered knowledge to read this book from a different perspective.

“Jungle Laboratory: Swasth Jeewan Ke Liye Paramparagat Herbal Gyan ki Potli” by Dr. Deepak Acharya is an extraordinary exploration of tribal life and their unparalleled understanding of the natural world. This book offers a captivating glimpse into the daily rituals and exceptional knowledge these ancient tribes possess for surviving harmoniously with nature.

For newcomers keen to learn about the age-old traditions and practices of indigenous tribes, this book is an essential read. It provides profound insights into the deep connection these tribes have with nature and how they utilize natural and herbal therapies for their well-being.

What sets “Jungle Laboratory” apart is its departure from typical self-help books. While it does offer practical advice and recipes, it goes beyond that. It strives to cultivate a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles governing the natural world and our place within it. It encourages readers to broaden their awareness of both the external world and their inner selves. Through this expanded awareness, readers can not only gain a better understanding of themselves but also uncover their own path to a life enriched by ancient tribal wisdom.

This book is a comprehensive resource, spanning 16 thought-provoking chapters across 226 pages. Dr. Deepak Acharya’s writing is exceptional, painting vivid pictures of jungle life and tribal wisdom. His expertise shines through, making “Jungle Laboratory” an invaluable reference.

For those who revere the Earth and seek to explore the untapped reservoir of indigenous knowledge, “Jungle Laboratory” is a must-read. It not only unlocks the treasure trove of tribal wisdom but also invites readers on a transformative journey of self-discovery. It is essential reading for anyone seeking to deepen their connection with nature and unlock the secrets it holds for a healthier and more fulfilling life.

I am keenly not just waiting for its multi-lingual editions, but also writing to Dr Deepak Acharya, to bring out a series of the same book!

Book Review by Mahima Sharma 

CAUTION: Consult your health condition with Dr Deepak Acharya via his Facebook Page, and then delve into taking any herbs accordingly. Proper review by him and therapy under his supervision would be helpful, especially if the patient is critically ill. Don’t pop random things into your mouth till then!